Quaker Creative is me, Brandon Buerkle.

I’ve always identified as an artist and loved words. As a kid I drew constantly and even played with letter-shaped toys. When I realized later in life that illustrating letters is a viable profession, that sealed the deal for me.

I make the building blocks that make effective design. I make letters. But if I’m going to make letters, I’m going to do it in the service of improving the world we live in—lettering as social entrepreneurship. Incorporating my years of experience in print production, print design, and fine art, I focus on creating letterforms to promote peace, equality, and social & environmental justice. My business model is crafting letters to craft a better world.

My mission is to promote peace through letters.

Peace is working to live harmoniously with all living things. It means striving for equality, justice, and a healthy planet. It means learning to empathize with those impacted by our words and actions. The first step toward empathy is listening. I produce letters that ensure messages connect with the greatest impact so people will listen.

This is only the beginning.

I’ve used my skills to help small businesses, to make music packaging, and to support the wine industry. After designing book covers for an author friend whose writing promotes values I share, that gave me a taste of what it means to do work that resonates with my values. I want to help clients make a positive impact in the world.

My job is to craft your visual voice.

Your work matters to me, and deserves the greatest care. I listen hard to hear what you are saying. I listen hard to hear what your target audience wants to hear. Then I craft beautiful, functional letters that speak your message accurately—letters that visually resonate with the desires of the people who need to hear it.

Let’s do some good