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EULA – Society of Fonts


Society of Fonts
Font License (EULA)

These are the terms and conditions for purchasing a license to use a font or fonts from Society of Fonts, also called and End User License Agreement, or EULA. PLEASE READ THIS!

  1. I, Brandon Buerkle (d/b/a Society of Fonts), own the fonts delivered with this license. The fonts include the font software and the design of any glyphs the font software generates. The fonts also include any bitmap or outline representation of those glyphs, and any elements derived from the fonts. Below, these are called “my fonts”. The person who bought this license is the “license buyer”. The humans designated by the license buyer to use my fonts are the “licensed users”.

  2. This license is non-exclusive and non-transferable. It takes effect when my fonts are delivered to the license buyer. I reserve all rights not granted below.

  3. Licensed users can be employees or human contractors of the license buyer. If the license buyer is human, the license buyer themselves can be a licensed user, as can immediate family members (e.g., partner, spouse, parent, child, sibling, and chosen family with the same residence as the license buyer) of the license buyer. Others—acquaintances, corporate entities, internet randos—cannot be designated as licensed users.

  4. Subject to the limitations below, licensed users can:
    4.1 Install my fonts on any computing devices, or any accounts on multi-user computing devices, dedicated exclusively to them, and…
    4.2 Use my fonts in any way they like—including printed documents, logos, and commercial products—except for the uses listed below. Or…
    4.3 Use my fonts in one (1) website. A website is defined as a single top level domain (example.com), and includes subdomains (store.example.com) and local development (such as localhost). Or…
    4.4 Use my fonts in one (1) application. An application is defined as a compiled executable binary, often referred to as ‘software’. This includes Apple iOS apps, Apple OS X applications, Microsoft Windows programs and Google Android apps. Or…
    4.5 Use my fonts in one (1) e-book. An e-book is defined as an ePub-formatted collection of HTML, CSS and image files, or as a PDF (Portable Document Format).

  5. The maximum number of users, websites, applications or e-booksper license is governed by the license multiplier table (see figure 1, bottom of the document). The license buyer can change who’s designated as a licensed user, as long as the total doesn’t exceed this maximum.

  6. Licensed users may NOT:
    6.1 Use my fonts to produce more than 250,000 units of a commercial product without an extended license. A commercial product is any digital or physical thing, which is for sale or acquired as part of a paid service.
    6.2 Use my fonts in alphabet products without an extended license. Alphabet products are commercial products whose aesthetic value is derived from my fonts, and would not be considered the same products if they used a different font (e.g., scrapbooking letters, stencils, signage elements, or fabric patterns).
    6.3 Contact me to negotiate extended licensing at: info@societyoffonts.com

  7. Licensed users who are employees or contractors of the license buyer can use my fonts only for projects on behalf of the license buyer. Likewise, anyone who uses my fonts for projects on behalf of the license buyer needs to be a licensed user.

  8. Copies of my fonts cannot be distributed to those who are not licensed users. Nor can my fonts be stored in a location accessible to those who are not licensed users (e.g., a file server or GitHub repo).

  9. But my fonts can be embedded as follows—
    9.1. Read-only copies of my fonts can be embedded in digital files, including PDFs, e-books, applications, and websites (as webfonts). “Read-only” means that those who use these digital files can neither install my fonts nor use them to make new documents.
    9.2. Read–write copies of my fonts can be embedded in word-processing documents that will be shared with fewer than 20 people.
    9.3. These embedding rights don’t extend to digital files or websites that will be owned or primarily used by third parties (e.g., your clients, if you are a designer or developer). They need a separate license. This restriction doesn’t apply to documents prepared for clients of legal services (e.g., letters and court filings).

  10. Licensed users can modify my fonts, including converting them to other formats. My copyright and trademark notices must remain intact. Modified fonts can be shared with other licensed users. The same license terms apply to the modified fonts. No technicalsupport is available for modified fonts. If a licensed user would like modifications to be made by a professional, or wish for my blessing for their modifications, they can contact me: info@societyoffonts.com

  11. This license remains in effect until terminated. Upon termination, all copies of my fonts must be deleted, including embedded and modified copies.
    11.1. The license buyer can terminate this license by sending me a written request along with confirmation that that all copies of my fonts, including embedded and modified copies, have been deleted. If this request is made within 30 days of the license order, I’ll refund the license fee.
    11.2. If the license buyer or any licensed user breaches this license, it will automatically terminate.
    11.3. If the license buyer or any licensed user has unusual or excessive technical-support needs, I can terminate the license by refunding the license fee.

  12. Oregon law governs this license. Courts in Oregon have exclusive jurisdiction over claims arising under this license. If a dispute arises under this license, the license buyer agrees to the personal jurisdiction and venue of a local or federal court of my choosing. The license buyer agrees to service of process at the email address on the original order.

  13. IMPORTANT! My fonts are offered on an “as is” basis. The license buyer assumes the entire risk of the quality and performance of my fonts, and waives both the implied warranty of fitness and the implied warranty against infringement of third-party rights.

  14. ALSO IMPORTANT! My liability for costs, damages, or other losses arising from use of my fonts under this license—including third-party claims—is limited to a refund of the license fee.

  15. This is the whole license. If part of the license turns out to be unenforceable, the rest will remain. This license can be changed only if the license buyer & I agree in writing.

  16. Questions? Email info@societyoffonts.com. Thanks for your purchase. Enjoy the fonts!

Figure 1

Number of Licenses (n) License Scope
1 3 users
2 7 users
3 12 users
n n^2.19 (rounded up) users, n websites,
n applications, or n e-books


Credit where credit is due: The Society of Fonts EULA is based on Matthew Butterick’s fabulous EULA, as well as Tiny Type’s adaptations to his EULA.