Why should I bother with diacritics?

I'm about to dive into diacritic design for the Protest font I'm working on. Now, I'm actually stalling for time with this post. I found I have a lot more work to do than I thought to be able to add diacritics to this typeface. What do I need to do to add diacritics to my typeface? Research I speak English. More embarassingly, I'm monolingual. [...]

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Why Design a Typeface?

I've wanted to be a type designer for a while now. I've started a couple of typefaces, but never finished. That makes me sad. I'm not entirely sure why I never finished. Perhaps I didn't feel a particular need or urgency to do so. Perhaps it's because some of the process of finishing a font is somewhat of a mystery to me and I don't [...]

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Lettering as Contemplative Practice

I hear so much about how our screens and games and shows and the internet and social media are sapping our attention. Everything we consume is meant to give us a little hit of dopamine. It’s meant to keep us consuming. It’s meant to keep us going back for more. While this is good for commerce, it’s not good for living. We need time to [...]

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Why are letters important?

I have to admit, I try really hard to derive meaning from my work. Like most everyone, I want to make a difference in the world. Coming out of college I always used the phrase, “save the world,” like some superhero or monomaniacal do-gooder with delusions of grandeur. I have no illusions now, but I still have a desire to do something that makes a [...]

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What’s the story behind Quaker Creative?

I’m just a guy trying to do the best I can with what I’ve got. If you want to know the story, here it is. Why lettering? It took a surprisingly long time for me (it feels like) to come to lettering. I love drawing. I’ve drawn since I can remember. I’ve always considered myself an artist. I’ve also always loved books, words, and letters. [...]

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