While processes may change slightly depending on the needs of the project, this is generally how I work.


I listen to your story and ask you questions to understand the full history and purpose of the message. Learning the backstory means I can design the letterforms to say what the words themselves can’t. I also ask what the scope of the project is, what media this will be used for, where it will be used, and when. These are important questions, as they determine how the letterforms are made, with the medium and intended audience in mind.


After we’ve talked through everything I write up a proposal summarizing everything we’ve talked about. I condense what was said and say it back to you so that you know whether or not I have a full understanding of your position, your message, and your needs. With those things in mind I lay out the scope of the project, the creative strategy, the goals and objectives, and the proposed timeline. Once this proposal is agreed upon we start on the project.


I write down everything we’ve talked about, write down the central themes and points, and use those core concepts to come up with visual equivalents. Moving from those core visuals I do lots of sketches. Lots. I go through 50+ unique visual concepts and choose the one that best meets the goals and objectives. I write up a report on that concept and lay out why it works best for the project, and then send it to you so you can see where we’re at, and to get your approval.


I take the agreed upon concept and refine it in pencil. Then refine it some more. I iterate until it looks perfect on paper. I write up notes on all the specific design decisions made in the drawing, and add notes on proposed color palettes, as well as any possible variations for projects with multiple applications. Then I send this report to you for approval before moving to the computer.


Once we’re all set on the final design(s), I scan the drawings in and vectorize the finished project. I place every anchor in it’s optimal space, neatly execute every bezier curve for prime rendering and hinting. I’ll make sure you have every file you need for every application necessary. I write up usage guidelines so there shouldn’t be any questions as to what to do with which thing or how to do it. Then I send it off to you with love and care, ready to make the world a better place.

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