“Talking is my favorite hobby” kid quote

Stuff My Kids Say

I have a son and daughter whom I stay home to care for. And as everyone knows, kids say the darndest things. So I would listen to the weird, funny, non-sequitur things my kids say and write them down. In 2014, I began lettering my kid quotes now and then. Below is a selection of those quotes. These sayings are particularly fun when taken out of context, but if you’re the kind of person who likes context, I give brief explanations.

Illustrative lettering of “We are pirates looking for babies” kid quote
At our local indoor play park my daughter would play on a structure that had a passing resemblance to a ship, and would insist that we were pirates. Then we would have to search the play park for baby dolls that we would gather (and subsequently care for) as plunder.
Illustrative lettering of “When I am grown up I will be a zebra” kid quote
After a period of being enamored with her zebra striped pajamas, my daughter decided that a zebra is what she wanted to be when she grows up.
Illustrative lettering of “The robots can breathe in space” kid quote
This was the fist quote in the series. Sometimes these quotes are better when there is no context to begin with, like this one uttered by my son from completely out of the blue.
Illustrative lettering of “I’m trying to fall into this book” kid quote
I glanced into the living room one day to see my son sitting in a chair, book open on his lap, with the top of his head pushing downward into the center of the pages. When I asked him what he was doing he looked up, and with earnestness and frustration uttered this phrase.
My son went through a period of wearing capes.
Apparently this is why.
Illustrative lettering of “It’s a boogie! I thought it was a raisin” kid quote
This, I believe, is my daughter’s quote. It’s kind of self explanatory.
Illustrative lettering of “It’s time to hug a blue whale” kid quote
My son has a stuffed blue whale. He wanted to hug it. It was time, and apparently such things need to be announced.
Illustrative lettering of “I found the US National Space Stick” kid quote
“I found the US National Space Stick” was one my son declared while in the back seat of our car, wearing a NASA costume and holding up a stick that he found on the floor of the car.
"Talking is my favorite hobby” kid quote
My son is very verbal. ‘Nough said.
Toes hold many treasures for my son after a long day of wearing socks.