Listening for Lettering

Listening is hugely important for not only life, but also for lettering. Now, I want to note that while I'm talking about listening, I'm going to mix up the senses a bit. This is not just listening in the auditory sense. I'm talking about experiencing, observing, using all the senses. So when I say "listening," I mean "taking in." Also, when I say "I," it's [...]

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Lettering as Contemplative Practice

I hear so much about how our screens and games and shows and the internet and social media are sapping our attention. Everything we consume is meant to give us a little hit of dopamine. It’s meant to keep us consuming. It’s meant to keep us going back for more. While this is good for commerce, it’s not good for living. We need time to [...]

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What is your lettering process?

When I letter a single letter, word, phrase, or quote, the process is pretty much the same: Concept Sketches Underlying Drawing Inking Scanning Vectorizing Coloring Which steps I go though depends on the end product. Sometimes I do them all, sometimes I skip inking, and sometime I end at inking. Here's how my process works. Concept Lettering starts with an idea. I always start with [...]

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How do I turn my values into projects?

How do I turn my values into projects? I suppose starting Quaker Creative was a way to make sure that all of my projects reflect my values. But as I start the business, I need to be able to get work. It doesn’t just come on its own. I have to attract clients. The best way to do that is to do self-initiated work. [...]

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Peacemaking Through Letter Making

As a letterer who claims to promote peace, I find myself wanting to justify how lettering is a peacemaking activity. Or perhaps I find myself wanting to justify being a letterer who has chosen peacemaking as his niche. Regardless, anyone can make a peaceful pursuit out of a craft if s/he is intentional about it. That's what my ultimate goal is—intentionality. So how do I promote [...]

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Tools for Lettering

Lettering artists often get asked what tools they use. First off, this is not the same as asking, “How do you work?” That’s a very different question. I can use the same tools as someone else in a completely different way and get drastically different results. Tools don’t make a maker. That said, here’s what I use (and a bit on how I use it [...]

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Lettering for charity: water

Part of the vision I had when starting Quaker Creative is that a portion of profits would go to charity. I’m still working on transitioning from a freelancer to a business owner, but as part of that transition I want to take steps to integrate my work with charitable giving. So this year I decided to donate my birthday to charity: water. Now, I know [...]

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Why are letters important?

I have to admit, I try really hard to derive meaning from my work. Like most everyone, I want to make a difference in the world. Coming out of college I always used the phrase, “save the world,” like some superhero or monomaniacal do-gooder with delusions of grandeur. I have no illusions now, but I still have a desire to do something that makes a [...]

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What’s the story behind Quaker Creative?

I’m just a guy trying to do the best I can with what I’ve got. If you want to know the story, here it is. Why lettering? It took a surprisingly long time for me (it feels like) to come to lettering. I love drawing. I’ve drawn since I can remember. I’ve always considered myself an artist. I’ve also always loved books, words, and letters. [...]

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