Lettering for Water

Lettering for charity: water

Part of the vision I had when starting Quaker Creative is that a portion of profits would go to charity. I’m still working on transitioning from a freelancer to a business owner, but as part of that transition I want to take steps to integrate my work with charitable giving. So this year I decided to donate my birthday to charity: water.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking, what does my birthday have to do with Quaker Creative? I’ll get to that. First, charity: water is a well-known and well-respected organization committed to transparency in their organization and solving myriad problems through providing clean, safe drinking water and sanitation to communities who need it. If you’ve never checked out their website, I’d encourage you to do so. It’s amazing how many things can happen if there is easy access to clean water: better health, better education, more opportunities for women and children, less poverty… essentially a more peaceful life for thousands of people.

One of the ways charity: water raises funds for their water projects is through having people donate their birthday. Essentially, instead of giving gifts, people give donations to charity: water. People up the ante by making pledges or promising to do crazy stuff if they reach certain goals. I’m new to this and keeping it rather simple: I’m turning 36 in January, and hoping to raise $360 (enough for 12 people to get clean water), by getting just 10 people to donate my age in dollars. To up the ante a bit, I’m doing some lettering.

Here’s where Quaker Creative comes in. For everyone who donates (any amount, not just the $36), I’ll letter their name (or chosen phrase) to post on social media, as well as send them the completed piece. Giving is nice, but lettering adds an extra incentive.

At the time this post goes out, there will be 79 days left in the campaign. Plenty of time to go to my campaign page and make a donation. Send me an email when you donate, and tell me what name or word or phrase you’d like me to letter, and when it’s done I’ll send you the finished piece in the mail.

This is a small start, but it makes a difference. And I know it’s the first in a long list of ways Quaker Creative will be giving to help move the world in the direction of peace.






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