Peacemaking Through Letter Making

As a letterer who claims to promote peace, I find myself wanting to justify how lettering is a peacemaking activity. Or perhaps I find myself wanting to justify being a letterer who has chosen peacemaking as his niche. Regardless, anyone can make a peaceful pursuit out of a craft if s/he is intentional about it. That's what my ultimate goal is—intentionality. So how do I promote [...]

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Lettering for charity: water

Part of the vision I had when starting Quaker Creative is that a portion of profits would go to charity. I’m still working on transitioning from a freelancer to a business owner, but as part of that transition I want to take steps to integrate my work with charitable giving. So this year I decided to donate my birthday to charity: water. Now, I know [...]

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What’s the story behind Quaker Creative?

I’m just a guy trying to do the best I can with what I’ve got. If you want to know the story, here it is. Why lettering? It took a surprisingly long time for me (it feels like) to come to lettering. I love drawing. I’ve drawn since I can remember. I’ve always considered myself an artist. I’ve also always loved books, words, and letters. [...]

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