Mathematic Symbols
Part 4: Greek

Part 3 of this series was about the radical, integral, partial derivative, and infinity signs (√ ∫ ∂ ∞). This final math symbols post, Part 4, covers four Greek derived math symbols: Δ ∑ ∏ π (delta, sum, product, and pi). The only constant is Change The uppercase Greek delta symbol (Δ) is used in mathematics to denote a change or difference. Delta, being an [...]

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Mathematic Symbols
Part 1: Basic Math

The last series of posts focused on punctuation, with the previous post covering slashes, bars, and brackets. This four part series covers mathematic symbols. It will be fairly limited, since protest posters don't typically use a wealth of mathematic glyphs. However, it will have more than I originally anticipated, since US protests in early 2017 in defence of science and fact featured a wealth of [...]

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Punctuation Part 1: Footnotes and Little Heads

In my last post I finished up a series on letterlike symbols. This series will include 5 posts on punctuation, starting with 4 tall symbols used to organize information: † ‡ § ¶ Even thought it's thematically related, I'm not using this post to cover the asterisk (*). That will be in Part 2 because of its size. Dagger † and Double Dagger ‡ The [...]

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Letterlike Symbols
Part 4: Currency

The last post, Part 3, covered number related symbols: ordinals, superscript figures, and the numero abbreviation (№). This last post in the four part series on letterlike symbols is about the ¢, $, £, €, ¥, and ¤ signs. $ and ¢ The dollar ($) and cent (¢) signs are based on the letters S and c respectively. The ¢ is just a c with [...]

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Letterlike Symbols
Part 1: Ampersand

Last week I talked about the importance of diacritics, and why I'm designing them for my font—my first font, no less. Because they are important to me, I'm going to take the time to research them well before diving in. That said, I'm going to work on some other glyphs while I wrap my head around good diacritic design. Here's the plan: Letterlike Symbols & [...]

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